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Fitness With Purpose

At Rising Spirit Academy our Oxford Kickboxing classes are in a different league. Developed exclusively by our expert Chief Instructor, he places traditional martial art discipline, technique and etiquette at the core of our Kickboxing classes in Oxford. Designed to be a martial art in its own right, our Kickboxing Programme offers more than the boxercise style classes you will find elsewhere.

Why are our Oxford Kickboxing classes so popular?

  • Expert tuition by a multi-skilled, experienced team
  • Fitness and fun in a respectful, disciplined environment
  • Varied classes tailored to your level of ability. Relax knowing that you will always work with someone at your skill level
  • Smart uniforms and traditional etiquette for self-discipline
  • Raising your self confidence and self-esteem with practical self-defence techniques and combinations
  • We offer a Personal Development Approach – working towards your goals, supporting you in every area of your life
  • We motivate our students with celebratory graduation ceremonies, bringing the academy together as a family
  • Opportunites to develop your skills - as you progress you can attend weapons seminars, including Nunchakus, Knife and Gun defence, Bokken (sword) and Bo Staff

Just ask our students who have been with us for over 10 years - there is always something new to learn in our Academy!

So whether you want to make new friends, find a new purpose or just get fit, kickboxing at Rising Spirit Academy will offer you everything you need.

Start your new journey today, join our student family and say YES to a new life!

Remember, if you are a parent you can train alongside your child!

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