Tae Kwon Do in Oxford

Learn Realistic Personal Protection

Are you looking to immerse yourself in traditional Martial Arts, with realistic self-defence skills? At Rising Spirit Academy our Oxford Tae Kwon Do programme is taught to an expert standard by a British and Southern Tae Kwon Do Gold Medallist.

What are the benefits of studying Tae Kwon Do at Rising Spirit Academy?

  • Improved confidence by teaching you effective self-defence techniques including knife defence - we will teach you how to peacefully diffuse situations but give you the skills to protect yourself should things escalate
  • You will become more patient and focused in your everyday life
  • We will get you fit, toned, stronger and more flexible
  • We will teach you self-discipline and respect - for yourself and for everyone around you
  • Improved self-control over negative emotions and impulses
  • You will be a part of a thriving, friendly Academy that provides a safe atmosphere in which to achieve your goals and reach your potential

What sets Tae Kwon Do at Rising Spirit Academy apart from other places?

Tae Kwon Do in Oxford

You will learn from a Chief Instructor of outstanding pedigree. Not only is he a Master of Tae Kwon Do but he has been trained by both a Tae Kwon Do World Champion and one of the actual creators of Tae Kwon Do (see About Us for more details).

Master Williams has written an exceptional syllabus using decades of experience, so you will experience a real sense of progression. When you progress up the ranks, you will then learn new material so you are always moving forward. There’s no boredom here - it’s not allowed!

If you have ever struggled with sticking to an exercise regime we will help to motivate you with our professionally organised celebratory grading ceremonies. Friends and family are welcome to attend. You then learn new inspirational material as the syllabus rolls on.

Our plentiful (and real!) 5-Star Google reviews clearly show that we strike the perfect balance between discipline, traditional etiquette and respect, while maintaining a friendly, fun, approachable and supportive environment.

What exactly is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a Martial Art that originates from Korea. A literal translation is “Foot Fist Way", meaning "Way of the hand and foot”. It provides very effective self-defence, utilising disciplined training methods with blocks, grasps, and hand and kicking techniques. Its emphasis is a fantastic holistic approach which includes both mental and physical development to develop poise, balance, coordination and flexibility. Being such a great all-round Martial Art, it has gained hugely in popularity over the years and a form of it is now recognised as an Olympic sport.

Which courses do you offer?

We offer a variety of courses suitable for all ages and levels of ability, whatever your personal challenges or physical limitations. If you haven’t exercised for a while it’s not a problem - we can help! From beginner courses right through to specialised training we really do have something for everyone.

What will I be learning during my Tae Kwon Do classes?

  • Kicks and hand strikes for personal safety
  • Releases from grabs and holds for practical self-defence
  • Blocks used to disarm and intercept attackers
  • Locks and holds for maximum situational control
  • Stances to develop poise, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Learn advanced sequences of movements to master mental focus and discipline
  • Smart traditional uniforms and etiquette in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Opportunities to develop your skills - as you progress you can attend weapons seminars, including Nunchakus, Knife and Gun defence, Bokken (sword) and Bo Staff
  • We celebrate your achievements with graduation ceremonies, bringing the academy together as a family

What will my free trial look like?

We fully appreciate it can feel daunting coming to a Martial Arts Academy for the first time. We pride ourselves on our student care, so relax in the knowledge that you will be well looked after. First, we will provide you with a video to make finding us really easy.

When you arrive you will be warmly welcomed and settled into our New Starter area, where you can tell us about your goals, any challenges you are facing or any physical limitations. We will, of course, accommodate these and offer you alternative exercises during the class should you need them.

Master Williams will then give you and any other new starters a short tour of the Academy and a brief introduction to Tae Kwon Do. There is also somewhere to get changed should you need to, although it is best to arrive in your exercise clothes if possible, just to save time.

You will be in a beginner class with other new students. No-one in this class has been with us for any longer than just a few months. When it is time to begin, you will have a light warm-up before learning some core hand and foot techniques in our Chief Instructor’s fun and engaging style. For your safety on your first session you will be learning techniques solely guided by the Chief Instructor rather than working with other students.

We aim to make your experience with us really fun and give you a taste of how our classes will benefit you. Master Williams will catch up with you at the end of the class to see whether it was the correct fit for you. If you are in need of a bit more of a challenge, or you already have some Martial Arts experience, we can accommodate that too.

You are a 5-Star Centre of Excellence. What does that mean for me as a student?

Rising Spirit Academy Centre of Excellence

We are the only CMAA accredited 5-Star Centre of Excellence in Oxford. This puts us into the top 5% of clubs nationally. You will be looked after by a professionally trained, multi-skilled team of instructors. All are DBS checked and first aid trained. Our level of student care and professionalism is exceptional (see our 5* Google reviews).

We pride ourselves on our inclusive Academy being a place where everyone is given personal attention. We will support you in achieving your goals and reaching your potential. We even support our students outside of the Academy, should they wish. We have a fantastic student community as a result, and you will be made to feel very welcome.

How much are your classes?

We offer great value here for a premium service with an exceptional teacher. A good guide is around the £5-6 a lesson mark, making us very affordable. Pricing will vary based on course length and membership level, which is something we can work out with you after your free, no-obligation trial, should you wish. We will always try to tailor your training to your specific requirements. If you compare our prices with gym memberships, you will get so much more for your money here. We really do change lives. Contact us below for more details.

So if you want to get fit and gain confidence in a friendly, supportive atmosphere then look no further.

Say YES to a new life and contact us for a free trial today!

Remember: if you are a parent you can train alongside your child.

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